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How much money can I borrow?
You can borrow from $50.00 to 300 if qualified. Call now to get a quick quote in less than 5 minutes over the phone. 423-622-3181 or 423-499-5161

How fast can I get the money?
After you are approved and the paperwork is completed in the office. You can have your money within 10 minutes

Do I need good credit to get a loan?

Do you check my credit?
We do not run a credit check with the three major bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax or Experian. However, we do use Teletrack. Teletrack is a consumer reporting agency that specializes in this industry.
Can I pay off the loan at any time?
Yes. As long as you pay the full amount of the check written to us when the loan comes due, You can rewrite another check to burrow against your next payday. It is always your choice.

Is there a penalty if I pay the loan off early?

If I am in bankruptcy can I get a payday advance?
No. According to state regulations we will not be able to finance you a loan.

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